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philippe is looking for his special valentine 💌💕

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happy valentin(e)'s day

Number One Firefigther Idiot!

Also forcibly pushes Dew and Fred together yeah

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amadeus doing a little late night snooping......

Dabi Poster

Happy bday Dabi u3u

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doodle from last night! i'm trying to mix my art style up a bit in 2020

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working on my symposium poster? i sleep

drawing some portraits? real shit

have just recently decided that i'm attending a community college to get basics done and meanwhile, figure out what i want to do

anyways. u_u my mom wants me to do this summer volunteer program and dhfdsfdshjf i am just Not Feeling It. i'm a junior in high school and haven't volunteered once just because my general way of thinking is: "if the volunteer work doesn't involve something i'm passionate about, it'll just be a waste of time."

i feel bad for not trying as hard as my peers, but i think it's better that i don't try to force myself to fit in? i'm not really interested in getting into a high-end uni just to spend the rest of my life paying student debt and then finding out the years i spent to get a degree wasted because the job i thought i had wanted is actually not what i want at all!!??!

i just want to do what's right for me.. u_u

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Once again I’m casually playing my way through Dragon Age Inquisition, so here are Josie and my Adaar!

loon -

first post >80

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was going to spend my birthday doing nothing but i ended up drawing anyways like a fool.... i couldn't resist the urge to draw my fishy son

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I really enjoy using waterfall and I'd like to follow more blogs, and I'm sure a lot of you do too, especially since theres been an influx of new people! reblog this if you usually log in around at least once a month and we can find eachother! <3<3<3

hmm being close to someone is so weird u_u

not close in like.. oh we tell each other everything and we know everything about each other ! but like, living together kinda close?

like if something bad happens, it's going to affect me too. if you're happy, that makes me happy. everything you do means so much to me. when you have to establish boundaries so both of you are comfortable and equally happy. when you want to know everything about the other person and continuously work towards becoming closer to them. when you want them to think of you as their home, their safe space...

Starting off my account by posting some old draws I'm proud of! It's mostly gonna be OC's here. ✨

something i've recently gotten into using is it's really cool!?!? and no one really seems to talk about it?!?!? like...

  • it basically tracks everything you've listened to and stores it for you to look back years later

  • you can see who else has similar music taste. it honestly really helps when you're into a band that isn't well known bc like!? you feel less alone in liking them..

  • it gives you recommendations!! and also has a "blast from the past" section where it'll show u artists that you used to listen to a lot, but not anymore

  • it shows a lot of cool stats like what's popular in different countries, how mainstream your music is, what songs are being played the most rn, just cool stuff like that !!

just.. idk. the thought of being able to see all the music you've listened to for just. Forever is so appealing to me.... i wish i knew about this earlier!